Are Electric Facial Machine the Future of Smooth Skin?

No matter how far the cosmetics industry advances, wrinkles and fine lines will always be significant sources of anxiety. As many gels, creams, and serums are in today’s market; you’d think someone would finally defeat aging. If you want to avoid drastic measures like a bird poop facial or expensive plastic surgery, but gravity is still winning the war, an electrical facial may be your best bet.

What is an electrical facial?

A professional term for an electrical facial is electrotherapy. Electrical current is used to treat skin disorders. The discovery that electric current can cause twitching in frog legs in the 19th century is often cited as the first documented use of electrotherapy. Studies continued over the years, leading to the development of electrotherapy tools.

To what end does this strategy work?

Polarity is the key to the success of electrical facials. Positive or negative poles are typically used in most methods to achieve an effect. The answer to this question shifts depending on the specific electrical modality you employ. Depending on the nature of the problem, various electrical modalities (treatments) can be attempted.


When it comes to electrical facials, galvanic treatments reign supreme, this method can be used to treat cellulite, open clogged pores, and increase the absorption of skincare products. The first step of a Galvanic facial is called Desincrustation, and it involves cleaning the face with a negative polarity. Desincrustation breaks down oil, treat acne and clears follicles so that the next step of applying your skincare formula can penetrate deeply. Using a negative pole, alkaline products can be pushed deep into the pores via anaphoresis. Cataphoresis, the final phase, uses a positive pole to drive acidic products into the skin. Some of the effects of Galvanic current include:

Benefits include 

  • Improved blood flow.
  • Detoxification
  • Wrinkles and saggy skin are diminished.
  • Widespread adoption of the product
  • Benefits skin absorption
  • The skin is visibly brightened.

Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System and Muscles

This electrical facial stimulates the muscles and is known as NMES or a Faradic treatment. Muscle contraction is induced by applying an alternating current to the skin. Other skeletal muscles needing stimulation can also be treated this way. In many ways, the sinusoidal current is equivalent to the faradic current, but it is much milder. A sinusoidal approach may be the best option for that particularly sensitive or needing treatment in a delicate area. Benefits of Faradic and sinusoidal treatment include:

Benefits include

  • Higher muscle tone.
  • Detoxification
  • Improvements in blood circulation
  • Hair growth promotion
  • Increased metabolic rate


Exceptionally high-impact oscillations are used in this modality to stimulate the skin. When considering high-frequency facials, you have two choices:

The first technique, “direct,” involves touching a glass instrument on the skin. Acne and other skin infections can be treated with this method.

Two, an esthetician can use an indirect method by having the client hold the tool while she massages their face with a small electric current.

Some of the advantages of high-frequency therapy are:

  • Because of the increased blood flow
  • Enhanced synthesis of collagen and elastin
  • Detoxification
  • Toning the skin
  • Healing skin lesions.
  • Removes acne
  • It nourishes the skin with oxygen.


Micro-current therapy mimics how natural electrical impulses are generated by the body to achieve its therapeutic effects. Muscles are firmed up thanks to the very mild current. Stroke and paralysis patients have also benefited from this technique.

Some advantages of micro-current include:

  • Enhanced muscle tone
  • Production of collagen and elastin has been boosted.
  • Soothes skin
  • Promotes faster skin healing
  • Intensifies the circulation of both blood and lymph

When I get an electrical facial, what can I anticipate?

While the specifics of your facial treatment are treatment-specific, there are a few things you can anticipate from an electrical facial.

  • During the procedure, you will be reclined in a unique facial chair or table. They typically offer high levels of comfort, allowing you to unwind.
  • A questionnaire will be available. Before beginning the procedure, your esthetician will ask questions about your skin, skincare routine, and lifestyle. It will either ensure that you are getting the proper treatment or prevent you from receiving harmful treatment.
  • Get rid of everything that is distracting you. This service exudes a sense of calm, so you won’t need a companion or entertainment options while you’re there. During the procedure, soothing spa music may play in the background; however, please refrain from using electronic devices that produce excessive noise.
  • The flow could be noticeable to you. Although the current is mild during an electrical facial, some people feel a mild jolt. It won’t hurt, but you might get startled.

Most of these processes take about an hour, but you may be able to speed things up at some clinics. If the cost of this stops you from continuing treatments, an at-home device may be worth a try.