Effective Tips You Should Know Before Buying Pedicure Chairs for Salon

Pedicure chairs are essential for a beauty salon. There are not only fancy chairs that add a pop of colour to the interiors of the beauty salon, but these chairs are the one which provide utmost comfort to the customers. 

The primary purpose of a pedicure chair is to offer the customer the desired relaxation and the comfort they are looking for. Of course, their colour can add some spark to the interiors of the beauty salon, which acts like the icing on the cake. But keep in mind that’s not all. Numerous pedicure chairs serve different motives. Not every customer that steps into your beauty salon will have the same preferences. 

So, considering that point, you should take a couple of pedicure chairs, which will cover the taste of every variety. Especially if your beauty salon is in a well-populated urban area, you can bet that numerous pedicure chairs will cater to many different criteria and needs.

Here are Some Effective Tips You Should Keep in Mind Before Buying Pedicure Chairs for Salon:

Colour options:

Most beauty salon owners focus on the base and the colour of the pedicure chair while purchasing it. 

The number of colour options is mainly in the hands of the suppliers and manufacturers. But there is a special kind of pedicure chair. This Spa chair has a glass bowl. In this case, manufacturers are willing to provide the desired colour of the beauty salon owners. The glass bowl will exactly match the selected colour and tone. Although choosing the colour might feel like a taxing decision, sanitation should be the outermost priority of the beauty salon owners even when choosing various types of chairs.


Most beauty salon owners do not prefer to use nail polish remover. They worry that the strong acetone will dissolve the finish and base of the fancy Spa chairs. However, this is a pointless thought of tension. 

 Manufacturers clearly state that the majority of the chair bases can completely resist acetones. The point being these fancy chair bases are mostly acrylic finished. So, people can quickly and easily wipe the nail polish off the chair if it comes in contact with it. There are going to be no spots of damage on the pedicure chair.

Sanitization matters

Pipe less and no plumbing are mainly the pedicures and Spa chairs used in beauty salon services.   

The no plumbing Spa share offers a detachable foot tub. Someone has to pour water to fill it every single time a new customer walks in. The unit of no plumbing does not contain any pipes for water supply, which will connect the foot tub to the basin. But the other type fulfils that criterion efficiently. That is the biggest reason why contemporary spas and salons use it the most. 

The pipe less Spa chairs use a tiny Whirlpool Jet mechanism, circulating the water inside the foot tab. This system does not allow bacterial growth. Because the water is constantly moving around, this also takes care of the bacteria collection. It makes sure to meet the right sanitization conditions through general maintenance.    Low costing purchases should not be an option because poor drainage is an issue for their soaking tubs. They collect and cheer up the harmful growth of mold and bacteria. This is terrible news for customers’ health.  Not only will they negatively affect the goodwill of the beauty salon. But also, they can cause terrible foot infections on the consumer’s feet. The soaking tubs in these Spa chairs demand deep cleaning alongside disinfecting before the next consumer puts their feet in it. 

Market Research:

Before Salon owners choose their desired Spa chairs. The need to look around in the market. This will make them understand what features are present and which one they want to have, or which one will sit in their price range. If they want a particular kind, they need to place an order early. 

Early find outs can also give them the privilege of saving for the right ones. So as a beauty salon owner, you should shuffle the whole market before making the final decision.

Hence, it is advised to take proper time to do the research and then go on to buy a pedicure chair for the salon which fits in your budget and needs properly.