Everything to Know About an All-Purpose Chair

The type of chair that you’re about to select is reliant on several factors; the services you offer, your financial constrictions, business type, to name a few. Hence, it is essential to know the various kinds of salon chairs and their purposes before delving into the market.

Specially in a salon, a chair is one of the biggest highlights as all the services with the experts give mostly happens on the chair. Salon is a place where you will find a variety of chairs under one head.

Classification of Salon Chairs:

Salon chair selection is ironically made harder by the vast array of types available in the current market. The various types of chairs and their purposes are listed below.

1. Styling Chair: Serves the purpose of drying, haircutting, and styling a customer’s hair. The chair doesn’t come with a headrest, nor does it have a fully reclining option.

2. Barber Chair: It comes with a full reclining feature which comes in handy during shaving. The chair includes a headrest and a footrest for a more pleasant experience.

3. Salon Massage Chair: When compared to other options, this chair is more luxurious. The chair serves the purpose of healthy relaxation and massaging experience.

4. Facial Chair: It is the best fit for providing facials as the name suggests. This chair is incorporated with features for lifting, reclining, and lowering.

5. Shampoo Chair: These types of chairs let the customers have a comfortable hair washing experience. The chairs are equipped with seats having thick cushions and footrests, this chair makes hair washing all the more enjoyable.

6. Pedicure Chair: Such chairs are equipped with footbaths to perform pedicures. These chairs might even not require plumbing at times, as they do not go through its own share of wear and tear. 

7. Salon reception Chairs: The chairs which are present in the salon receptions can also be classified as salon chairs, and used in the salon for various purposes. 

What Is Meant by An All-purpose chair?

Barber chairs and styling chairs can be classified as the main chair types which are used for activities such as facial hair styling and hair cutting. The main contrasts among the two can be highlighted as:

barber chairs come with an entire reclining facility, ideally applicable for shaving. In comparison, styling chairs facilitate better positioning, which is helpful for hair styling. Styling chairs are also devoid of full recline facilities. Neither do they have a headrest as these features are redundant for hairstyling?

The all-purpose chair can be defined as something in between a styling chair and a barber chair. Equipped with supportive reclining mechanisms, this chair is perfect for shaving facial hair and trimming. It also comes with a removable headrest which can be removed by the stylist as and when needed. The all-purpose chair is well-deserving of its name since it can be used for everything, from shampooing to coloring.

Should You Invest in an All-purpose Chair?

It is essential to recognize the difference between a barber and a stylist before understanding the true purpose of an all-purpose chair. Razor skills and hair specialty delineate the two, with barbers requiring to hone the skills needed for styling and shaving the facial hair of their clients. Stylists, on the other hand, are more adept with their scissors. Fundamentally, a barber typically deals with shorter hair while there remain no such restrictions for a stylist.

If you’re planning to device a business that will provide barbering as well as styling services, then all-purpose chairs might be the thing for you. Instead of buying both barber and styling chairs, you can opt for the all-purpose chair to save yourself the trouble of doing mix-n-match with your services. All-purpose chairs can be ideal for medium to small-sized businesses having considerable budget constraints or minimalistic furnishing. They can also bode well for services with tight spaces, eliminating the need for separate stations for salon styling and barber services.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect salon chair is not just a necessity; it also adds to the customer experience and enhances the facility’s aesthetic.

In addition, the right salon chair is easy to clean, robust, and most importantly, absolutely nailed for performing its job. Lest you might forget, do all-purpose check chairs before buying a salon chair. Their diverse usage might make prove to be just the thing your business needs.