Prioritizing Facial Beds for Your Salon to Get the Most Out of Your Business

Salons and face treatment centers are popular destinations for those seeking pampering and relaxation. If you want to be a successful aesthetician, you must put customer satisfaction first. The best tools and hands may not be enough if you don’t have professional-looking and comfortable face beds to put your clients at ease.

In any beauty parlour, facial massage is an essential service. Modern and opulent facial beds are a must-have to take your spa’s aesthetic to the next level. A facial bed is ideal for guests to unwind and feel at ease.

A facial bed that is both comfy and relaxing is essential to ensuring that customers feel at ease while receiving facial care. There is a plethora of options available with a high-end face massage bed. Customers should customize their beds based on their preferences for comfort and convenience.

Customers who prefer to get up and move around their exposed internal organs may benefit significantly from using a face bed at a beauty salon. Additionally, manufacturers of face beds have designed large-scale facial beds for broad-bodied individuals, such as bodybuilders.

The client and the aesthetician should be satisfied when using the best facial beds. Facial beds can be categorized based on a variety of factors.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Facial Beds


It’s safe to say that a high-quality facial bed isn’t inexpensive. A high-quality face bed can cost as much as $2,500, but a more affordable option can cost $600 and $1,000. The beauty business places a high value on high-quality products; therefore, finding a good face treatment bed is critical Alternatives that are less expensive but lack essential features, comfort, and durability are readily available.


When purchasing a face bed, consider the treatment room’s dimensions. Having a too big mattress makes it challenging to work or move about in for the customer.


The majority of spa beds are built of foam, which contributes to the bed’s overall comfort by varying the thickness and density of the mattress. When it comes to comfort and durability, softer foam is better. Density can be determined by pressing your hand into the bed and timing how long it takes the foam to return to its previous shape.

The denser the foam is, the longer it takes to return to its previous shape. Two inches of high-density foam provides adequate comfort when it comes to thickness. But facial mattresses aren’t just made of foam.

Portable Vs. Stationary

Because of its portability, a portable facial bed is an excellent alternative for treatments performed on-site or at customers’ homes. It’s quick and easy, letting you work from wherever you want. On the other hand, portable face beds aren’t expected to last more than a decade. As long as you replace the facial mattress every few years for hygiene reasons, this isn’t an awful price.

It’s easy to add comfort elements to a stable bed because it doesn’t have to be moved around. Several factors will keep customers satisfied and calm, despite its size and weight. Even though it’s heavier, it’ll last longer than a small face bed.

Electric Vs. Hydraulic

A hydraulic facial bed contains a foot pedal that raises and lowers the bed’s height. An aesthetician’s reach and versatility can be enhanced by the 360-degree rotatable base of the hydraulic facial beds, which are generally used to modify the patient’s height.

The aesthetician has better control over comfort, reach, and mobility using an electrical face bed. With the remote control and 2 to 4 motors, it is possible to adjust the facial bed by raising and lowering the backrest, and the leg rests.

Static vs. Adjustable

As a business owner, you and your client’s requirements must be met. Adjustment points for the facial bed are critical to its functionality. The angle of the back, the height, and the thighs all play a role in this. The bed can be customized to fit the personal preferences of each of your clients with the help of these features.


A high-quality facial bed has many qualities. The quality of your face bed determines how long and in what form your facial bed will last. It is possible to extend the life of a spa bed by using high-quality textiles. A facial bed should be trouble-free for the first five years. It’s easy to clean these beds because they’re padded and covered in plastic. Beds for these people should be ergonomically designed for ease of use.

There are several questions to be answered before the final decision is made. It’s a good idea to think about how you will use the bed before you buy it. Facial beds are used in various ways at your wellness center, and you must be aware of this. That’s why it’s essential to take your time while selecting a facial bed.