How to Bring Back Your Clients at Your Salon


With most jurisdictions allowing businesses to reopen when COVID-19 issues are still present. Business owners have a long list of tasks to ensure that they can reopen safely while also persuading customers to return. In the age of the coronavirus, business managers need to be continually brainstorming creative ways to gain new and old clients in this atmosphere.

While you all wish for new clients to come knocking on our doors and make appointments, you can’t overlook the worth of repeat business and the lifetime value of a loyal customer. In fact, gaining a new customer costs higher than an existing customer coming back. In the beauty profession, having close ties with clients is crucial to success. It’s essential to devote a significant percentage of your marketing efforts to maintaining these relationships and driving repeat business.

1. Provide customized discounts depending on life events for your customers.

Make a list of any forthcoming weddings or gatherings that your clients have mentioned attending. Send them a tailored email a few weeks before the event, offering them a discount on your service to use before the event.

2. Show your clientele what goes on behind the scenes

Interview your stylists, share quips and hilarious quotes, and expose (suitable) candid photos on social media or in blog entries to show off your salon’s culture. Make your salon a welcoming environment where visitors want to spend time rather than just getting their hair cut.

3. Provide a discount on the spot:

If your next hour is free, offer a discount to everyone who can make it – and make sure to promote it on social media! Adapt the offer to the client’s mood. For example, if a customer has recently become engaged, offer them a substantial discount as a token of your appreciation.

4. Offer a value-added service to entice repeat customers.

Are most of your customers coming in for hair coloring or style, even though you also provide waxing and manicures? Offer them a discount for an extra service the next time they book an appointment after their initial visit.

5. Inform your clientele about your salon’s future plans.

  • Give clients the impression that your salon is continually changing and adding new services and trends. Include information on new services, products, and salon events in your emails and social media updates. Just be sure that these are plans that you will follow through with!
  • While it may seem self-evident, informing clients that you are open for business is an essential component of regaining their trust. Once you’ve finalized your reopening plans, you should know your operation hours and policies, and that information should be made public.
  • You can inform clients that you are open and what your policies are through various means, including email, social media, online platforms, and your website. Make sure to update your official business listings on Google Maps, Yelp, and Foursquare to let people know you’re open for business and what your current hours are. COVID-19-specific capabilities have been added to Google and Yelp to help you express company rules.

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