How to Enhance Your Before and After Pictures

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Marc Blog 03 1, Marc Salon FurnitureFor a salon, the quality of the pictures they take matter the most. With every styling experience you do, you must make sure that you capture everything. In the current times, displaying on your social media handles, different pictures help in increasing the engagement.

Here is how you can enhance in the best way possible the before and after pictures.


Take Client’s Permission You cannot post your client’s transformation story without their permission. Hence before posting anything, one should ask the clients. It is always considered to be a good practice to seek permission. This is because, there could be some clients, who might not be very comfortable with getting their pictures clicked. 

Look For Correct Lighting No filters and no flash are the two rules you need to stand by while capturing the perfect transformation photo. It is vital to look for the perfect lighting as it can make your break your image. It would be best if you didn’t use a flash as it can shadow your photo, and of course, the filter will set a wrong impression. 

Angle Is Important One should look for the best possible tips when clicking photos. After clicking all the images, one needs to shortlist the best one. Lastly, to make the most of it, one can choose a before and after photo. 

Keep up With the Trend One can capture all the transformation which is happening in their salon. If they want to make the most noteworthy trends, then they should ensure that they spark interest online. If a particular style or cut is in style, then one should capture it.

Styling is a Must At times, immediate results don’t do a lot of justice to the transformation one is looking for. If you want to make the most of the change, then you shouldn’t think twice before going that extra mile. The additional effort will go a long way when it comes to highlighting the transformation.

Hair Should be the Focus – You need to focus on the hair while capturing before and after shots of your hair. For instance, if a patron is wearing a bright-hued shirt and it seems to distract the photo’s focus, then you should capture the transformation while they are still in the salon gown. Besides that, you also need to ensure that the salon’s background is perfect and there is not a lot of clutter. You can also consider staying consistent in all the before and after photos. When you do so, you can build a fantastic brand reputation and create a perfect aesthetic.

Conclusion: Let your social media speak volume of the kind of work your salon is doing. For this it is also important to have on board a highly qualified social media team who can help you make your platforms very active and going. Transformation pictures do the best, hence it is always a good idea to focus on them, and click high-quality pictures or reels. 

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