How To Increase Your Salon Prices Without Losing Clients


In the beauty industry, as in any other, prices are always subject to change. Time causes it to require further editing and reorganization.

Every year, businesses must alter their prices to account for the rising cost of living and inflation. Further, if your services are first-rate and you never skimp on quality, your customers won’t mind if you raise your prices.

Your clientele is aware of your challenges and is focused on the value you bring them. If you can reliably deliver on that and assure them that you will do so in the future, they will be willing to pay the higher pricing you’ve set for your salon.

Don’t worry that you’ll lose customers if you raise prices. Since it’s inevitable, you might go ahead and do it. If providing quality services is your top priority, you may lose some customers but gain others. New customers can be turned into loyal salon patrons with this strategy.

You can learn how to charge more at your salon.

Acknowledge your value

Many business owners in the beauty industry are reluctant to raise costs, fearing customers may stop patronizing their establishment. Customers who are dedicated to you and trust you will be able to absorb a price hike of 5 to 10 percent without looking elsewhere. Remember that you’re running a business, not a nonprofit, and you deserve to be compensated fairly for all your hard work.

Invoke the concept of demand

Don’t you think you can boost your rates just yet? Examine the interest in using your services. Do you have more than seventy-five percent of your weekdays booked solid? How often are you meeting or exceeding expectations? Not only is that fantastic news, but it also suggests a price increase is in order. The demand for your services is high, as evidenced by the market.

A slight drop in volume due to a price hike is more than offset by a rise in earnings from the bulk of your consumers. More room means more of the higher-spending consumers essential to your company’s success.

Disclose all relevant information

Don’t sneak in a price increase and believe nobody would blink an eye. Customers have a right to know what’s going on to make educated decisions. Don’t be coy in announcing the price increase and giving a reason for the hike. To put it in the proper context, it’s not as simple as saying you’d want more money in the bank. You can frame the price hike as a perk for your dedicated clientele.

Offer added value

Upgrading your products, giving extra services, or even creating a more lucrative rewards program are all fantastic things you may announce with your price rises. Customers are more likely to accept a price hike if you explain it as an investment in the company’s future and a benefit to their experience. If you’ve done an excellent job, they’ll notice the increase in value and understand why you did it.

You should never apologize

When making price adjustments, keep the first suggestion in mind. Never feel guilty about asking for more money in exchange for your services. There’s no reason to apologize for raising prices when business is booming, and you need to meet supply with demand. Take credit for what you’ve accomplished, and your devoted clientele will respect you much more. People complaining about your price hikes don’t see or value what you’re bringing to the table. Customers like that won’t contribute to your company’s success.

Be Confident

Price increases are a significant move for any company. Despite feeling prepared to move on with it the night before, you can talk yourself out of it the following day. Be sure of yourself and firm in your decision to adjust prices if you do so. Just because some disagree with you doesn’t mean you should back down. The tendency to give more weight to the opinions of naysayers and less to those of supporters is common. One negative review can have a more significant impact than a deluge of favorable ones. Remember the positives!

Keep yourself accessible for inquiries

You should be reachable to your customers if they have any concerns or inquiries. Avoiding discussion or censoring criticism could prevent your price rise from becoming a PR nightmare. Those who have been with you from the beginning and have been loyal customers deserve the opportunity to ask questions.

Some customers may be dissatisfied if they are unable to afford your services. Please take it as a compliment that they care enough to question you. To help ease the transition, you may offer off-peak pricing at the old rate. This can potentially retain some of the consumers who would have been lost due to the price rise while making prime-time appointments available to those willing to pay the total price. Customers are likely already accustomed to this pricing structure, as charging extra during peak hours is standard practice.

Obviously, with time, salon prices will rise. The possibility exists, though, that you will lose customers upon sharing this information; rather than let this paralyze you, you should embrace it.