How Usage of Emoji in Social Media Marketing Can Help Salons

Using emojis in your salon marketing can boost up your business as the excitement of the customers get over best with the use of emojis. An exclamation mark at the end of the sentence changes its emotion, and it gets doubled with the help of emoji in the sentence. Emojis can prove as a handy tool in marketing for the businesses like that of hair and beauty. 

A proper insight into the usage of emojis as a marketing tool and when to add or leave them in your social media campaigns can be a significant power towards the success of your salon business.

Why Should You Use Emojis as A Marketing Tool for Your Salon?

We use a lot more expressions and gestures while communicating face to face rather than online conversations. The online discussions are based on words that can be misinterpreted at times, too, due to the lack of emotion in the sentences.

The benefits of using emojis are:

  • The Emojis Speak More Than Words Alone – 

Emoji acts as a marketing picture and speaks out a lot more than what the words could convey alone. The popping up adds more excitement and emotion to the text and thus acts as icing on your salon’s marketing. The majority of the customers believe that emojis are better in expressing their feelings than just the sentences alone.

  • Adds A Better Personality – 

Emojis can work wonders by adding a personal touch, and that speak out your salon brand with the addition of particular vigour and personality. The emojis, if used at proper places, can instantly grab the attention of the customers and buzz the posts. 

  • Increases Engagement in social media – 

To encourage interaction in your salon’s social media accounts, what can be better than emojis? The usage of emojis is an easier way to boost engagement in your social media handles and turn followers into customers. Create polls using emojis and take their votes on topics that will keep them hooked to your account. This is quite a handy and more accessible marketing tool and lets you create attractive posts within no time. Share about your new offers, launches of the salon using emojis and notice excellent results in your business.

When Is the Addition of Emoji A Right Option?

Adding emojis can significantly boost your salon business, but having proper knowledge about the correct place and manner of using it has inevitably led you to specific issues.

The addition of emojis prominently depends on:

  • The type of your business
  • Your targeted audience
  • The marketing message of your business

The following factors should be kept under consideration while using emojis as a marketing tool for your business as it plays a significant role. If you run a business related to skin treatment or some other treatments, running email marketing along with the emojis can instead diverge your brand presence and make it look less professional. And in the case of profound messages, emojis can lead to misinterpretation among the followers.

How To Use the Emojis Properly for Salon Marketing?

  • For social media of Your Salon:

The emojis can be effectively used to advertise salon on different pages to grab the readers attention. But unless it’s a good fit for the advertising campaign, don’t use emojis for your salon brand.

  • Emojis For Email Marketing:

As found in research, adding an emoji can boost the open rates by about 25%. Adding emojis are a fun and convenient way to add emotions to your subject lines. But make sure to use suitable emojis for your salon business and the type of message to be sent.

  • Usage of emojis in hair and beauty texts:

While using the emojis for SMS messages with a client, remember to use them as per the character limit to your board with the text. Convey the message and then use appropriate emojis.

Emojis are a more straightforward marketing tool and can boost up your salon business. But remember to make its proper usage at the correct time and with care. Don’t go for the emojis that you are personally not sure about. If an emoji is a perfect fit for your salon business, definitely give it a try.