Looking For Quality Best Pedicure Tub For Your Salon?

Do you get a pedicure once or twice a month? Do your feet deserve more pampering sweet treats?

Then you might try all home remedies to get flawless feet beauty, but you are still not happy with the result, right?

After all day schedules, bouts of walking, standing, even carrying jam-packed pointy pumps, your feet may feel achiness. That time you should treat your feet with a warm soak. Your feet need much care, so don’t neglect and give them a healthy and effective pedicure spa; otherwise, you will suffer from pain and foot odour.

Fortunately, here are some pedicure treatments that will provide you with good results and reduce health issues due to fungus and bacteria. Soaking your foot in lukewarm water will remove calloused skins from your feet. You should keep one thing in your mind you must keep your feet dry and washed. Both bacteria and fungi can quickly propagate in wet areas. To keep the healthy fee, you have to do one thing more, and that is to disinfect your footbath daily if it is possible. 

On this note, you should shop for premier pedicure tubs that are good for foot Spas. You can also go for a portable spa if you have space issues. A good pedicure tub must fulfil some features like; hot and cold-water supply, fixed foot pedestals, deeper height, proper drainage system. The material of the tub should be durable and long-lasting.

So hope you are ready to move home bath or average salon bath to relaxing spas. Here three top-rated foot bathtubs are listed below; these can be effective and satisfactory for your tired feet. 

1. Coral Pedicure Spa Tub

It is a stylish pedicure bath designed for effective treatment and salons with space issues.

  • Fixed foot platform with great depth for feet drowning
  • Seven colour changing therapy is available during the spa treatment.
  • A regulator is there to act as an air-pressure controller
  • A pipe less pedicure system with hydro-massage therapy
  • Hot and cold water outsources are being controlled by a hand-held shower.

2. Roberto Pedicure Spa Tub

Roberto Pedicure Spa is a perfect pedicure for everybody and the salons with space limitations. It is a stylish pedicure kit loaded with facilities for professional treatments. 

    • It is an updated pedicure treatment with stylish features in a professional way. 
    • It gives ultimate comfort when you touch your feet. It helps to remove all dry skin cells and cuticles, and even rough skins with advanced kit’s accessories. 
    • This product is designed without any pipe. It is a special treatment based on hydro massage with very low noise. 
    • Seven colour-changing lamps are fitted in the tube to give color therapy effect during the pedicure process. 
    • You can finish your pedicure with nail shaping, callus removal, and a perfect polish to make your feet feel happy and refreshed. 

3. Coral Upgrade Pedi Spa Tub

This pedicure spa is compact and stylish in design and the best fit for space crunch. High quality and durable acrylic is the base of this pedicure tub.

  • The water that is needed for soaking feet is fully controlled through a valve that is mounted on the outer body of the tub.
  • You can get hot and cold water both for better results. 
  • A button is there in the tub to flush out the whole used water outside.
  • LED lights are there for colour therapy during the treatment. 

The pedicure treatment gives you a medicated foot treatment followed by dry cuticle rubbing, nail shaping, and callus removal. It is a relaxing technique that gives you comfort with a foot massage along with a top coat of polish. Your feet feel happy.