New Investments to Improve the Quality of Service in Spa



Covid-19 has disrupted all possible business models. The most impacted being the brick and mortar spas and salons. What used to be the busiest place on earth till December 2019, now looks empty with few loyal customers walking in.  With increased levels of sanitization and social distancing, running a spa or a salon has become increasingly difficult. 

The key to transforming this challenge into a blooming opportunity for attracting customers lies in the great truth- enhanced customer service. Those in the service industry, working from home, for insane hours have generated a lot of stress, frustration and anxiety. It is precisely, tapping this pulse, the salon and spa owners need to make necessary changes to attract attention from the customers. Some of these changes involve capital expenditures that would in the long run work towards creating a distinct presence for a particular spa or salon.

Some of the most critical beauty spa equipment that needs investment are as follows. 

  1. Sterilizers – Sterilization is an important hygiene compliance followed in the beauty industry. The pandemic has really made it a mandate for survival. For spas and salons to regain the trust of their customers, they really need to invest in the most critical spa equipment that is UV sterilizers. There are plenty of options available in the market but the key remains not to compromise with quality. One can check out Marc sterilizers that have earned quite a repute. These sterilizers have a germicidal lamp that emits UV rays with germ killing frequency. It is an important investment right at this point in time to eradicate fear looming over sanitization issues. With every use, certain tools and accessories can be sanitized in a jiffy with this equipment. 
  2. Towel warmer – Towel warmers are not very new but Indian spas and salons hardly invest in it. This is the time when salon owners can consider investing in it to take the hygiene quotient to a different level. The towel warmer cabinet is another essential beauty spa equipment that kind of eliminates the possibility of germs and infections inhibiting wet and mildly wet towels. Spa and salons use a lot of towels and bathrobes and therefore sanitizing them and making them safe is of utmost importance. The towel warmer cabinet dries up a washed towel at high temperature and eliminates possibilities of microbes multiplying. On top of that, it adds to the comfort and a sense of well being in the client. 
  3. Electro cosmetic appliance – This is one very handy electrical equipment used in the spas and salons. This equipment is available in multiple modes offering a complete skin treatment such as exfoliation, moisturization with treatments for acne and wrinkles. Apart from that there are modes that can be used for desensitizing and other advanced treatments. The presence of this beauty spa equipment reinforces a sense of being cared for in customers who take all the trouble to walk into their trusted spas and salons even during these troubled times. 
  4. Mist Spray Sanitizer machines – Well pandemic has definitely reinforced what our priorities must be. Therefore, investing in a mist sanitizer machine can be rewarding. This mist spray sanitizer machine can be very handy when it comes to sanitizing all possible touchpoints.

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Though times are tough and therefore, whatever investment needs to be made has to be carefully scrutinized and thought through. The above-mentioned spa equipment is targeted towards creating a sanitized and fear-free environment for availing beauty service.

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