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Precautions That You Need to Take Before Visiting the Salon

By September 13, 2020 No Comments

Precautions That You Need to Take Before Visiting the Salon, Marc Salon FurnitureThe pandemic has completely turned around the conventional way of living life. It has established a new normal where sanitization, social distancing and hygiene are of foremost importance.

Hence every work and day to day life is re-oriented as per the new normal. The same applies to the salons and the people availing their services. With an attempt to keep the economy rolling, it has been realized that lockdown cannot be a solution and therefore it has to keep rolling.

Hence the responsibility to prevent ourselves from contracting the COVID-19 virus and also spread it to others solely lies in our hands.

Hospital, shops, and salons are the most places where we encounter multiple touch points. Hence, the need to remain vigilant and minimize the scope of contamination is the utmost.

So, if you are planning to visit a salon, you need to take certain precautions so that the entire salon experience is great and free of worries for you and the service personnel. Here are some of the top precautions that you need to take and they are:

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  • Take prior appointment and call before you reach the salon

Gone are the days when you would just barge into the salon of your choice and wait for a time slot for getting your service done. These are unprecedented times and therefore, it would be very crucial to call or book the salon appointment through applications. Informing the salon in advance would give them time to sanitize the service space and prepare it with utmost care.

  • Wear a mask , carry sanitizer and surface disinfectant for your safety

Wearing a mask is your best guard against any and every possibility of infection exposure. Carrying a sanitizer and surface disinfectant would be an added advantage.

  • Maintain your temperature checks and show that record while entering the salon.

It is important to maintain a record of your temperature for three days before the salon visit and show it to the salon so that the servicing personnel are also at ease.

  • Carry your own towels, wipes, moisturizers, scissors, combs

While the salons will sanitize everything as per who protocols but for certain things such as towels, carry your own.

One’s safety is one’s own responsibility. After you come back from the salon, have a bath and wash the clothes with a disinfectant. This will further eliminate the chance of contamination.

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