Salon Furniture

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Pedicure & Manicure

With the best manicure and pedicure station/spa chair you can satisfy your customers so that they visit you for the pedicure service again and again.

  • Robust Upgrade Mani Pedi Spa

  • Robust Mani Pedi Spa

  • Roberto Pedicure Sofa with Brass bowl

  • Roberto Sofa with Massager & Electric Reclining

  • Roberto Pedicure Sofa

  • Verve Multipurpose Sofa

  • Freeto Multipurpose Chair

  • Roberto Foot Reflexology Sofa

  • Coral Pedicure Spa

  • Coral Upgrade Pedi Spa

  • Robust Pedi Spa

  • Aqua Pedi Spa