Best Ways to Sanitize Salon Chairs

sanitize-salon-chairsThe Great COVID-19 Pandemic has posed challenging times for every industry and individual. This is even more pronounced for the Beauty and Grooming Industry because of the sheer nature of the business. Therefore, there has been a paradigm shift in terms of daily disinfection with extra caution being exercised at all points of service offerings.

Now when it comes to sanitization, there are two things that a service provider needs to keep in mind. Cleaning and Disinfecting are altogether two different things. Cleaning is all about clearing the dust, grime and the grit from the surface.

It does not clear the germs and microbial residues on the surface of salon chair. Sanitization is all about cleaning followed by disinfecting the surface of any object.

When it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting of chairs in Makeup Studio/ Salon or any parlour, here are some of the best practices.

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  1. In terms of cleaning salon chairs with vinyl seat covers, the cleaning solution of mild detergent in luke-warm water works magic.  This might not work for salon chairs with leather upholstery. Water might damage it completely. For this, one can create a solution out of 2 parts of vinegar and 1 part of Olive oil. A cloth dipped in this particular solution can clean the chair efficiently. Further, it is important to pat it dry with a dry soft cloth.
  2. In terms of disinfecting salon chairs with Vinyl seat covers, disinfectant wipes and wiping with anti-microbial solution works. It is critical to refrain from solutions containing bleach and ammonia. Chemical-based solutions create a crack in Vinyl surfaces with every use. So the solutions have to be mild and yet effective. There are fabric specific cleaners and disinfectant sprays available in the market for cleaning, disinfecting salon furniture. Using these salon specific products will help maintain salon chairs well for a longer time.
  3. It is also great to keep lemon and essential oils such as eucalyptus and citronella handy. They have antibacterial properties and are therapeutic too. An occasional wipe on the vinyl and leather upholstery might also transform the atmosphere within the salon and make it uplifting.

This sanitization process has to be repeated before and after every service to sanction not only mental peace to every client but also eliminate any possible chances of microbial transmission. Also, sanitizing salon furniture is not enough. Unless and until the working areas of the salon are cleaned and sanitized at frequent intervals, the whole exercise of sanitizing salon chairs might not serve the purpose.

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