5 Shampoo Stations That Adds Real Value To Your Salon ?

Sure, your salon must be well-equipped rethinking the space every now and then is healthy and really gives your business a good push. Time and again, we need to rethink the space of rejuvenation since there’s a lot of scope in growth and also, the market is extremely competitive. In the meanwhile, if you are wondering to invest and get a massive value in return, Shampoo Station is definitely it!

Why Invest In A Shampoo Station?

Just ask yourself a question without a hair wash station, how many services you lose! A salon cannot provide a complete service for hair care without a shampoo chair. Moreover, comes with multiple unique qualities. It can move around, clients using it feel completely at ease and helps workers serve clients effectively.

  1. Glitz Shampoo Station

For a soothing shampoo session upgrade to this new Glitzy model with customizable ceramic basin available with shower, mixer, drainage, and waste pipe. Its leisurely design comes with a sturdy stainless steel base and perfect for lumbar support and comfortable seating posture.

  1. Comfort Shampoo Station

If you are looking for a suave look and remarkable efficiency, Comfort Shampoo Station is just the perfect fit for your salon! It is equipped with soft padded seat with wooden handles and ceramic basin fitted with shower, mixture, and drain to put everyone at ease. Further, its durable fiber glass body adds the additional charm for the already eased out clients.

  1. Rubino Shampoo Station

Let your clients enjoy the serenity around them while they enjoy a serene shampoo session on our Rubino Shampoo Station. A stylish and flexible backwash sofa, the shampoo station is apt for unwinding after a stressful day. The electric seating allows immediate customisation to comfort the clients immediately who have just come through your doors. It also features adjustable neck support, tilting metal plate and sanitary fittings to provide comfort and beyond.

  1. Milano Shampoo Station

Bring in the shine and the comfort at once with Milano shampoo station. If you are looking for a laid back design yet with a comfortable seating posture, this is perfect! Padded seating, sides stuffed with high-density foam, electrically adjustable leg lift, what more? Of-course, Marc’s shampoo station is incomplete without adjustable ceramic basin available with shower, mixer, drainage & waste pipe.

  1. Duke Shampoo Station

Revamping your salon will not be difficult as this shampoo station is an ergonomically designed electric seating that converts seat into flatbed making it a multi-purpose chair. Further, it features adjustable white ceramic tilting basin fitted with shower, mixture and drain for your staff to handle do their job with utmost professionalism. To ensure clients’ comfort, it is equipped with chair padded with expanded high density foam and high quality leatherette.

Understanding the business is to understand the needs of clients. As a salon owner, one is always aware of the latest technologies in the salon industry and often one tries there best to incorporate those in their space. If you are looking for shampoo stations that transform your Hair Café into the most happening grooming space, you will find many more options to upgrade your salon game at Marc Salon and Beauty Equipments.