The Transition from Beauty Professional to Salon Owner, now what?

Feel free to take this step to be your boss. By the closures of COVID-19, you may be a new adventure for your own salon company. You might be at work, but you’re never really alone. You are here to support your experienced colleagues, your franchisor leaders, and the company team every step of the way. 

Your next career as a business owner allows you to create your customer experience, create your own business and operational policies, plan your work, sell your loved products, and especially feel secure.

Your Products for Sale:

Regardless of the demand for your services, only once can you sell your time. But you can increase sales and increase average sales per appointment by putting your salon suite up for retail success. Because of the COVID laws and one consumer at a time, this is more critical now. 

Since retail products also require a cash investment, carefully consider your customer base and the kind of professional retail products that many may need. Ensure that you reserve a part of your product to fill up or expand the retail inventory with a seasonal sales point display, professional tools, and accessories.

Define The Experience of The Customer:

You have probably experienced customer experiences that are great or not great and that you have given mentees regarding the customer experiences you would like to create for your customers if you have worked in another business (whether it was a salon or a different industry) before. Now’s the time for you to reflect on every aspect of the experience that you offer customers when they make an appointment and come to your super safe and super clean living room suite. In your living room suite, create the unique FLAIR that sets you apart. 

Your Salon Suite Business Marketing:

Marketing as a small business owner in any industry is one of the most important aspects to succeed. It will also be crucial to have a marketing plan to know your objectives and your audience. Join them and encourage them to make an appointment with you or share 5-star reviews of your company. 

Set Specific Objectives and Measure Your Progress:

Many business owners fail to thrive without specific, measurable, and achievable objectives (SMART GOALS). You can use the clear road towards prosperity laid down for you as members of the Suite Elite. Everything is there for you.

Use your Instagram postings for a low-key gentle display of your exhibition expertise, brand personality, and culture. This allows prospective customers to decide themselves on your salon without feeling pressured or selling them.

Sum Up

Social media haven’t taken over the world. Google’s still kicking and alive.

Therefore, potential new customers have to ‘see and find’ in Google. Because they will see your competitors instead if they do not see you, it’s so straightforward. Your salon’s website must have excellent design, content and be search engine optimized. Looks alone won’t help your website rank, and prospective clients will struggle to locate you online and instead go to your competitors’ sites.