Things To Consider When Booking A Makeup Artist For Your Big Day

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Marc Makeup Artist 01, Marc Salon FurnitureYou might be pretty excited as you search for the perfect makeup artist for your wedding day. The makeup artist will be the one who will help tie together your bridal look and make you look and feel the best on the biggest day of your life. They will help you feel confident to walk down the aisle to the better half of your dreams.

Tips to Hire a makeup artist for your big day are as follows

Do Some Research

What so many brides don’t understand is that not anyone can call themselves a makeup artist as you don’t need any formal training, just a few brushes and some makeup, and off you go scary, unlike hairdressing, you don’t need a license, formal training or a contract. Those who say that they are certified professionals could have taken a title as a 3-hour make-up course. When you can check their profile work experience and how long they’ve been in the business and then hire a makeup artist.

Don’t Judge A Makeup Artist Just By Their Instagram Profile

Undoubtedly, Instagram has made it much easier to discover new makeup artists, but it can also misguide you when making the most critical choices of your big day. Most pictures on the artist feed are likely to be edited or filtered on some app, so you should always ask for non-edited images and references for their work apart from what you see on Instagram.

Meet The Artist Beforehand

Even though only some makeup artists offer trials today, an in-person meeting should be non-negotiable before confirming the booking. If a complete test run is being offered, you must try out the base and use this time to discuss the references in the products. These meetings are essential because they help the artist understand what you are looking forward to also advise on everything from hair colour to eyebrows shape and skincare hacks. Every little detail counts in improving your look on the final day.

Have Crystal Clarity on What You Want:

Before you meet the makeup artist you are interested in, you should finalise the look you want. It is essential to have some references to ensure clarity, especially if you are working with different hair and makeup artists. You can create a WhatsApp group so that everyone can understand your options. It is best to discuss details as bridal makeup is a time-consuming process. You cannot experiment with ten lipstick shades on the final day, so you must decide things before and tell your makeup artist.

Tell Them About Your Skin Concerns.

You must provide your makeup artist with all the relevant information in advance so you don’t aggravate your skin condition on your final day. In addition, you should complete your facials a month in advance, so any residual irritation also has time to settle down.

Consider Working Out On Logistics.

You need to try booking the makeup artist as soon as your wedding dates are finalised, and if you are working with a local artist, you must be clear about the timings to ensure that they don’t have any overlapping bookings. It would be best if you accounted for some buffer time as you don’t want to be late for your functions, and you don’t want to be ready for awards in advance at the same time. When it comes to logistics, destination weddings are pretty straightforward.

Hence these are some tips you need to consider when choosing a makeup artist for your big day.

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