Things To Consider While Buying A Hair Wash Station

Buying A Hair Wash StationIs your salon in need of a makeover or upgrade? New shampoo stations could be a wise investment now. Because, after all, this is where you and your clients will spend the majority of your time.

While upgrading your shampoo backwash machines, there are several things to keep in mind. A few of these are the size (comfort) and design (usefulness).

There are so many different shampoo stations to choose from to make things even more complicated than the process might be a little daunting. The following is a guide to picking the best new shampoo station for your needs.


First, think about why you require a shampoo chair, how many you require, and how much area you have in your salon to accommodate them all. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all when it comes to fashion and size.” There are countless design and aesthetic options when selecting a shampoo chair set and bowl. For your company’s benefit, seek out a professional in the sector.


There are various options for salon shampoo bowls, from built-in stations to portable ones that don’t need plumbing. Which design has the most appeal to you and your target audience? Salon owners choose backwash units (also known as “shampoo backwash units” or “shampoo backwash systems”) because they are sleek and efficient, as well as fashionable and modern.

Shampoo chairs and bowls with traditional lever controls are still popular. If your salon has limited space, a wet station, which is common in barbershops, could be a viable choice. When working with a customer with limited mobility, bear in mind that shampoo units can be lowered to accommodate those who use shampoo chairs or wheelchairs. These shampoo dispensers are all the rage in retirement communities and assisted living facilities alike.


Leave the salon without a stiff neck or back; it’s the pits. Customers must feel comfortable getting their hair washed at your salon’s backwash unit. You have the power to influence whether or not a customer returns to your salon by how much time they spend in the shampoo unit.

Most guests find the time spent at the shampoo bowl to be the most relaxing portion of their salon visit. Invest in a high-end shampoo unit so that they can enjoy the greatest possible experience! For your various clients, your shampoo chair should have an adjustable backrest and a cushioned seat for their comfort.


If you’re buying backwash units for your salon, bear in mind the space’s overall aesthetic. Black and white are the most frequent colors and styles for shampoo bowls. Numerous color and style options are also available for various shampoo chairs and backwashes. Depending on the provider, it’s possible to personalize a shampoo chair to match your salon’s color scheme and design preferences.

Appeal to the Senses

In many salons, the focus is on the overall experience. That covers the overall atmosphere and design of the room. The backwash station you select should go well with the rest of your decor, including your furniture, finishes, and other decorative elements. If you plan to redecorate in the future, it’s a good idea to stick with a traditional color like black or white. Choosing colors and materials that are hygienic and easy to clean are other vital considerations.