Tips On How to Make Full Use of Dry Shampoo

Do you ever feel that your hair needs some cleaning just after a lovely summer Sunday brunch in a Sunny rooftop restaurant, after an extraordinary sweaty gym session or after a hectic day working in the field?

All these above activities and many more can accumulate grease, dirt, sweat, and pollution in the scalp, and most importantly can make you feel a bit gross too.

Struggles of Washing Your Hair Everyday: 

But what if you just washed your hair a day prior to indulging in these activities? Everyday shampooing can strip the natural and essential oils which your scalp produces. This oil creates a protective barrier.  It coats the epidermis of the scalp and the hair. Which then helps with itchiness, dryness, and dandruff. The habit of washing your hair each day can defuse the purpose of this oil. 

Honestly, on top of hair damage and hectic schedules, washing one’s hair each day can feel like a task for many people. Because then you have to dry it.  Drying the hair does not only take a lot of time, but blow-drying your hair every day can affect the hair in the harshest way possible and e a lot of harm to your natural hair. 

There is another problem with washing colour-treated hair every single day. Everyday shampooing can fade away that vibrant and gorgeous colour of the hair really quick. Most hairstylists advise their clients not to wash the beautifully coloured hair each day to sustain longevity and vibrancy.

Dry Shampoo – The Best Product for the Hair:

Do you know what is the solution to all your hair problems? Dry Shampoo.
Dry shampoo is the blessing of modern-day Hair Care advancement. As the name indicates, it is a hair cleaning product without wetness. 

Most companies present the dry shampoo in a spray bottle, which is, of course, very convenient, especially for long-haired people. Users can easily spray it onto needy areas.  Then massage it through the fingertips to break down all the grime, and this shampoo comes very handy on am everyday basis. 

Who does not want to preserve their professionally styled hair look for a few day-long events? We all do and dry shampoo lets us do it. 

Tips On How to Make Full Use of Dry Shampoo

Make the Blowout Last for a Longer Duration:

There is not a more exasperating feeling, than when you wash your hair, completely blow it out and apply the product, and then suddenly realize you went much ahead with the product. Hence, if your hair starts to feel very heavy due to over usage of the cream or any product, spray the dry shampoo on those trouble spots as it will be able to soak up the damage to an extent.

Hair type vs dry shampoos:

The spray or aerosol formulations are the most effective for individuals with fine hair. Since this hair type looks flat naturally, they prefer to stay away from products that will be heavy or thin. This can cause flatness furthermore due to weighing down the hair. The aerosol version dries pretty quickly and adds significant volume. The powder formula is marvellous for the oily and thick hair type. The greasiness gets completely defused by the powder texture.

Maintaining the Proper Distance:

Due to the ease, the quantity of the dry shampoo used can tumble in the wrong directions. Too little product will not fulfil the purpose, and too much of it will create build-up. This is why if you are using a dry shampoo in a spray form, make sure to keep it at least five to six inches away from the scalp. Part the hair in sections while doing so. Disperse the product lightly in multiple different sections. Start with a light hand. Then you can figure out which places need more of it. Keep your hand in a swiping motion while applying.