Top 10 Salon & Spa Furniture offered by Marc

Marc takes great pride in offering superior quality salon and spa furniture with functional designs. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is best with the latest machinery and is powered by well-trained skilled manpower. Marc’s USP lies in its capacity to offer customized furniture for spas and salons. Therefore, salons and spas across the country can find a rich variety to choose from when it comes to their salon décor and themes.

Marc’s product line across the categories is very impressive and exhausting.

So, for those planning to understand the best of offerings, here is a sneak peek of its top 10 offerings – Top 10 Salon & Spa Furniture offered by Marc –

1. Duke Shampoo Station

As the name suggests, this shampoo station is a class apart from the other variants available in the market. Ergonomically designed, the Duke Shampoo Station can easily convert into a flatbed. Padded with high-density foam and leatherette of supreme quality, this shampoo station spells comfort. The upholstery can be customized.

2. John Barber Chair

The John Barber Chair is one of the most prized and trademark offering from the stable of Marc. The reclining barber chair in the metal frame and chrome finish takes us back to old Victorian type barber chairs. The reversible padded aluminium footrest is its most notable feature. Hydraulic swivel pump and reclining seat with back and front movement promise great comfort. Upholstery comes in delectable colours.

3. Marvel Barber Chair

This men’s grooming chair is truly marvellous in every sense. The exceptional design of the chair is quite modish and it looks very elegant in the premium chrome finish. The barber chair is generously padded for that comfortable hairstyling experience at the salon. The barber chair’s reclining seat is perfectly synchronized with back and leg movement.  It comes with various leatherette colours options to match the salon interiors. Also, there is another beautiful full black frame option known as the Marvel Black Barber chair.

4. Osaka Multipurpose Barber Chair

The contemporary sleek design of Osaka makes it quite unique. The multipurpose chair has a special detachable footrest that gives it a barber chair look when attached to the frame. Even without the footrest, the chair looks quite stunning and extremely comfortable to sit on. The heavily padded chair features an adjustable headrest, reclining seat, hydraulic swivel pump for height adjustment and a strong metal frame.


5. Kite Chair

The distinctive metal design on both sides of this multipurpose chair is the first thing that catches everyone’s eyes. It’s super comfortable as the entire frame is covered in upholstery with generous padding in the back and seat. The headrest is quite cushiony and can be pulled up easily to support your head. Upholstery can be customized basis client preference.

6. Orchid Chair

This multipurpose chair is all about exuberance, style and comfort. With the unique stylish design, it offers a great comfortable sitting experience. Orchid chair’s armrests stand out from the rest of the chairs and the comfortable padded seat gives the ultimate salon experience. The chair can option for reclining with an adjustable headrest. The classic colour is black though customization is possible as always.

7. Robust Pedi Mani Spa

The beautiful design of this ultimate Pedicure Manicure machine is a statement itself. Ergonomically designed specially to provide best in class comfort with an electric reclining seat. This chair is well padded from every side, it envelops its occupants. The wide armrests form a structure to rest your arms and open into the inbuilt manicure tubs on both sides. It includes a pull-out pedicure spa tub under the seat that is equipped with all modern features required for a luxurious pedicure. It comes in a variety of upholsteries to match every space.

8. Kama Shampoo Station

Available in dual as well as single colour upholstery, this shampoo station is all about relaxation. This shampoo station comes with an adjustable ceramic basin, drainage, mixer and waste pipe. There is an option for superior leg comfort in reclining position with electric leg rest along with high-density foam padding covering the frame. Upholstery comes in various colour options to suit everyone’s choice and preference.

9. Milano Shampoo Station

The shampoo station is inspired by Italian designs with simplistic straight lines and curved round edges. Milano’s criss-cross pattern running from top to bottom gives it a distinctive look. The electrically adjustable leg lift enhances the comfort level and hair wash experience by converting it into a flatbed. The ceramic basin comes all with all can be adjusted as per the user’s height. The upholstery can be customized.

10. Signature Shampoo Station

One of the best offerings from Marc, this hair wash station is padded with high-density foam to give the best hair wash experience. Signature possesses the latest design and technology – comes with an electrically controlled seat, back and leg rest for optimal comfort. The angular armrest and backrest give a comfortable seating posture with lumbar support. The Ceramic basin of fine quality on top is fitted with a shower, mixer and drain. Like other furniture offered by Marc, this one too comes with the option of selecting colours of your choice.

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