How to Wash Your Hair Like A Pro

wash-hair-like-proOne of the greatest steps in hair care is a good hair wash. You will vouch for the relaxing and methodical hair washes in a salon to be a potent reason for healthy clean hair. This is because hair washes done in a salon is a different ball game altogether.

The shampoo stations are havens of comfort where you can let your hair down and let the expert do the massaging, hair washing and conditioning. 

Covid-19 seems to have completely transformed everyone’s lives and therefore, there is a great deal of sanction and inner reservation when it comes to venturing out for a relaxing hair wash in the comforts of your favorite salon. 

Though it will be next to impossible to replicate the comfort of getting the hair wash done in a relaxed mode on a comfortable hair wash station, it is important for you to really follow the salon best practices when it comes to cleaning the hair and the scalp. 

So, here are some of the salon best tips that would help you wash your hair just like a salon professional

  1. Getting the correct products: Most of the time it takes two washes to remove the grit and the grime from your hair. You can opt for two shampoos- one for cleaning the oil and for the second wash, a specific shampoo that addresses the needs of your specific hair type. Check with your stylist to get the correct products for your hair. This can be your actual game changer while you are not able to go for a regular hair wash service at a salon.
  2. Maneuvering the shampoo across the scalp to the tip of the hair: Honestly, it is much easier to recline on a hair wash station than taking all the pains to carry the entire regime of cleansing and conditioning. Just avoid putting all the shampoo on the crown and then hurriedly massaging across the head. The right way to do it is to gently work up a rich lather in your hands and then gently massage the head with fingertips from crown to the nape of your neck in a circular motion. Rinse well and then work a conditioner from mid-length of your hair till its tips. Wait for some time and rinse well. 
  3. Maintain the correct temperature of the water: Maintaining the correct temperature of the water is super critical to your hair care. The water that you will use for rinsing your hair must be lukewarm. It cannot be too hot or icy cold. Lukewarm water effectively opens up the cuticles and allows the product to be absorbed by the roots. You can close the cuticles with normal water on the cooler side. 

These three steps are very simple yet time-consuming. Once you get into the due diligence of following these steps, over the period your hair will start growing luxuriant and beautiful.

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