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Effective Ways To Spruce Up Your Salon For Spring

By June 27, 2022 No Comments

Effective Ways To Spruce Up Your Salon For Spring, Marc Salon Furniture

Don’t know about you, but it seemed like January lasted eight years. And we’ve been heading straight into spring since the beginning of February. We’re not trying to mislead you. Summer is just around the corner, but someone needs to talk to January; not cute. We’re not complaining. Do you know what will never go out of style when it comes to cuteness? Marketing! Why? In other words, you and your business will always be on top if you promote your brand! Aren’t you happy with the way that turned out?

Seasonal marketing ideas for your salon or spa can be found here.

During the months of spring, pay attention to the concept of renewal

It’s a good idea to encourage your clients to keep their spirits up, especially in the spring and summer months. If your clients haven’t been to the salon or spa in a while, use the rejuvenation theme in your email advertising to encourage them to come out of their winter slumber. Incorporate this theme into your social media platforms as well. It’s always fun to show off a new haircut or color from a client to encourage others to book with you.

Always a good idea to get your salon painted

You may have been painting your clients’ nails or coloring their hair for a long but haven’t paid attention to the salon walls. Hairspray residue and stains from hair color can build up over time, so we recommend painting the walls of your salon every few years or so to keep them looking their best. The brightness and cleanliness of your salon will be dramatically improved with a fresh coat of paint, a maintenance measure we cannot suggest highly enough.

It’s time to spruce things up on your website!

The first impression is essential in our field. To attract new clients, you may share a photo of the service you recently provided. Put the same effort into making an excellent first impression on your online visitors as you would in person. You may update your service menu, combine your blog, and add your Instagram feed by updating your website. You don’t need to rework your website to create a big impression completely – freshen it up.

Your mom is on your mind

Who among us isn’t a little enamored with our mothers? Well, so are your clients, who constantly seek ways to spoil her. Promoting Mother’s Day specials is never too early to begin. Use email, social, and in-store techniques to announce a special mom-themed bundle and urge others to pre-book or buy.

There is no such thing as a grey region

Color has a way of evoking emotions in people that they didn’t even know they had. Make your email blasts more eye-catching by using brighter colors, updating your logo to fit the season’s hues, and ensuring all your social media accounts have to color. Isn’t this “complicated” enough for you? Your marketing tactics should be no problem if we can give some color to a few phrases.

Refurbish your furnishings

Investing in new furniture may be a great way to give your salon a fresh look while showing your clients that your salon cares about the little things because your old furniture won’t seem worn out and overused.

Add a feature wall

Adding a focal point of attention is a simple and effective method to revitalize your salon. Create a marketing area with merchandise or promotional prints from the brands you use and work with, or keep it neutral by adding artwork or painting it a vibrant block color.

Reevaluate how you store things

Innovative storage options like drawers and fixed cabinets can help your salon appear and feel more spacious. Maintain a clutter-free work environment by putting away tools and chairs after each usage.

Setting up ‘zones’ will help your salon look less crowded and messy by giving each treatment area its designated area. You don’t even have to spend a penny to give your salon a fresh look.

Change the look of your storefronts

Although it may cost money to update the style of your salon, even if you don’t want to, your salon business looks fresher from the street. Existing customers will appreciate the change, and you may even attract some new ones. Changing promotional materials, painting your front door, or reorganizing your retail goods displays are simple ways to spruce up your storefront windows.

It’s also vital to remember National Strawberry Day

To keep your marketing efforts fresh and exciting, consider promoting offers on non-holiday days.

Get out there and meet new people

Organize events at your salon or spa for current, potential, and loyal customers. If you’re launching an exciting new product or sprucing up your home, why not throw a party to celebrate?

When it comes to improving the customer experience, making an investment in the appearance of your salon is a wise move. As a result of your spring re-fresh, new consumers are more likely to return because of the positive impression they receive.

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