How to find the best massage table Dealer in Pune

Even more important than the honed therapeutic abilities of yourself or your employees is the availability of a massage table. You can only provide the high-quality massages you advertise with one.

However, things alter drastically when you head to the store to pick up a massage table. Even if you’re 100% certain you want to buy a massage table, sifting through all the available alternatives might be a hassle.

The correct supplier of massage tables for your salon can be found by following the advice given.

How much this table weighs?

One of the most crucial considerations for a mobile therapist is the patient’s “weight factor.” Putting on and taking off the “table weight” should ideally only need one hand. Compared to their wooden counterparts, massage tables constructed of aluminium are more lightweight and convenient to transport. Popular in health resorts and medical offices,

The average therapeutic table weighs between 22 and 46 pounds, according to industry professionals. Even portable massage tables with wood legs are heavier than their metal counterparts. Several factors, including table size and material, contribute to the total weight, so pick wisely. Naturally, you should always prioritise getting something light and portable.

Classification of Fabrics and Their Qualities

There is widespread consensus that leather is ideal for massage table tops due to its durability and maintenance-friendliness. As a result, synthetic leather tops have become commonplace for dining room tables. You should compile a table of several leathers and leather alternatives and read evaluations of each before making a purchase.

As an analogy, massage tables are frequently upholstered with PVC leather. Even though it’s durable, this leather has a rough texture. This is likely to put your client at ease. However, PU leather, a faux Leather, is softer to the touch and more durable than PVC, and it’s also much easier to clean.

How much weight can this table hold?

A table’s “weight capacity,” or “working weight,” is the most weight it can safely hold without collapsing. You might also discuss the significance of your clientele and the stress you expect to experience on the job. A massage table can only support this much weight at a time. If a customer’s weight is below the maximum allowed, you want them to remain seated.

Determined by the Size of the Table

Before purchasing a massage table, it’s important to determine the appropriate dimensions. Measure the dimensions of the table in your mind. You’ll want to find a massage table that can adjust the height to suit various clients. Larger clients can benefit from an extra-long massage table, while those with shorter statures will be more at ease on a standard massage table. To be most at ease, one must consider both size and shape.


In addition, seasoned therapists typically use massage tables that offer a range of customisation options. Adjustable features on massage tables allow for customisation to the therapist’s specific needs. Therefore, the ability to modify the height is a crucial factor. Most therapists prefer a table that can be raised or lowered.

When several people sit at the same table, having the ability to adjust the height can be convenient. Thus, you will find the chart quite useful when working with varying body depths, even if other therapists don’t use it.

Additional considerations to add to your criteria:

  • Cost and User Opinions
  • The material’s make-up 
  • Its durability and storage life

Common Mistakes When Buying A Massage Table

  • One of the most common mistakes people make when shopping for a massage table is opting for one with a lifting backrest, even though this feature is rarely used in actual practice. Those who practise mobile therapy are the only ones who need to worry about this.
  • Ignoring the table’s actual size. If you’re looking for a lightweight table, be sure it hasn’t sacrificed too much in width or length to get there.
  • Trying to save money by purchasing a low-quality massage table, which will either disappoint your customers and hurt your business in the long run or will soon need to be replaced, at which point you will have spent more money than if you had purchased a professional table from the get-go.


With so many options, you’re bound to discover the ideal table for your needs. If you follow the advice in this article, you should be able to locate a high-quality massage table at a price that is comfortable for your budget.