Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Salon Shampoo Bowls

                                                                                                      Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Salon Shampoo Bowls

Getting your hair washed at a salon is one of the most enjoyable experiences a person can have. As your hair is prepped for styling, having the salon worker massage your head can be incredibly soothing. However, if you notice the shampoo bowl is dirty or smells terrible before you wash your hair, that pleasure can turn into dreadfulness. Many salon employees are unaware of the importance of thoroughly cleaning the shampoo bowl after each client. Here are three ways to keep your salon’s shampoo bowls clean and well-maintained.

Throughout the day, use a pleasant-smelling household cleaner

Cleaning shampoo bowls is a simple task that usually only requires household cleaners. Customers will spend a long time with their heads in the shampoo bowl, so you need to find one that smells good to them.

Cleaners with citrus or floral scents are a safe bet, even if you don’t like them. Clean the shampoo bowl without leaving behind a strong chemical smell from the cleaner, according to the goal.

Shampoo bowls should be cleaned several times throughout the day to keep them clean for customers.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners at all costs

Shampoo bowls at the salon should be viewed like sinks at home should be considered. When polishing your sink, would you use abrasive cleaners or scrubbers? It’s probably not a good idea because it could damage the sink’s finish. The same holds for the shampoo bowls in the salon. You should only use abrasive cleaners if there is dirt or debris that standard cleaning methods can’t remove.

Shampoo bowls should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week

At the very least, you should deep clean your shampoo bowls every week. Baking soda and vinegar can be used to accomplish this. Hair clogs in the shampoo bowl’s drains can be cleared out with this method.

Before using baking soda, run some hot water down the drain and wait for it to sit for a few minutes. Meanwhile, mix one cup of vinegar with the other cup of boiling water and allow it to sit for a few minutes before using. Afterward, pour some vinegar water down the drain, then plug it in to keep it from dripping while it works. After about ten minutes, follow up with another burst of boiling water down the drain. This should clear out any hair clogs you might be experiencing.

Do Several Cleanings During the Day

You don’t want your client to have to deal with the unpleasantness of smelling or seeing a dirty shampoo bowl before they put their head in. Shampoo bowls should be cleaned at least once daily to prevent these problems. Cleaning with a basic household cleaner will ensure it’s ready for the next person in line if you have time between customers.

Keep hair salon sinks unclogged with these tips


Prevent Hair from Going Down the Drain

Hair, on its own, can be a hairdresser’s worst nightmare, especially when you consider how much shampoo is mixed with the loose hair that ends up in these drains. Preventing clogs in your gutters by catching hair at the source is the best way to avoid them. This necessitates the purchase of a hair stopper, mesh screen, or another hair-catching device. Screened stopper assemblies can be found in some sinks. To avoid clogs in the first place, remove any soapy or gelled-up hair and clean the stoppers regularly.

Use Caution When Working With Dangerous Substances

To dye or set hair, hair salons must use a variety of chemicals, including hair bleach and cleaning products, which are flushed down the drain. For the salon owner, a clogged drain can cause significant headaches. The combination of chemicals in drain cleaners can be highly corrosive to the pipes and system, so we don’t recommend using them to clear those blockages.

This can be avoided with the help of professional drain cleaning services. Your pipes will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure no obstructions.

Drains Must Be Flushed

One way to avoid clogs is to run a whole kettle or pot of hot water through your sinks regularly. Just boil a big pot of water and then pour it down the sink to do it this way. Simple. The low-pressure water in your sinks may not always be sufficient to remove any obstructions from the drain. As a result, it appears that a larger flush will suffice.

Call in the experts

Do not hesitate to call a professional drain cleaning crew if you are in any unpleasant situations. They’ll show up to assist you in clearing out the clog for good. We’ve been in business for 30 years and provide a wide range of services.

To prevent your shampoo bowls from becoming clogged with hair, you may want to use this cleaning method twice a week in your salon, especially if you have a high volume of daily clients.