Factors To Consider When Staring a New Beauty Parlour Business in India:

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Marc Staring Beauty Parlour 01, Marc Salon FurnitureOne of the main challenges faced by all the business owners is starting a new business as there are different questions at the back of their minds as to which industry has the most edge over others or what is the current market demand? Starting a new business is highly influenced by the current trend. The cosmetic industry is one of the leading industries that have seen significant growth of around 60% in the past year and produced excellent results. One of the critical factors driving this growth is salons or beauty parlours.

Basics about the beauty parlour industry

Ideally, a beauty parlour is an establishment that deals with different types of cosmetic treatments and layers for both males and females. You need to consider other formalities and requirements before establishing your business. 

Different types of beauty parlours

This might sound like a new concept, but you must know that several people are aware that beauty parlours are categorised into different types. Generally, the beauty parlours are classified as barbershop spa centres,  Wellness centers,  typical beauty parlours, or cosmetology centres. Therefore, when you choose the right kind of beauty parlour, you can decide the profits and materials you would require to run the business.

Franchise model

One of the most common types of model that several business owners go for while starting a beauty parlour is a franchising model. Instead of having and setting up a new brand, business owners find the franchising model more profitable as there are various prominent franchises related to the beauty parlours, and you can make the most of it if you want to avoid the idea of developing a brand from scratch.

Independent beauty parlour

In this type of business model, the owner is entirely in your hands as you need to run the parlour with your brand name and build the same from scratch. You can also have other downsides like investments, and also you need to compete with the different prominent brand names in the market. If you have great experience in this industry, you should surely go for this model.

Steps to starting your beauty parlour

Once you have decided what type of beauty parlour you wish to open and the type of ownership, you need to start considering the below-mentioned steps.


Besides the type of parlour, it is essential to consider the location of your beauty parlour. Location plays a crucial role, so you need to choose an area where you can attract several customers without several salons around, which might increase your competition. Additionally, the investment also depends on the location type you choose. 

Investment Required

You must know the precise amount of investment required if you are starting your beauty parlour under a brand name aura franchising. But if you go for an individual venture, you have to make estimates of the investment and approach the investors for funding accordingly. The acquisition will include every expense like rent staff interior designing and others. Hence you need to have a rough investment amount to understand your venture perfectly.

Services and Prices

Additionally, you need to consider the type of services you would provide to your clients and the price you would charge for all these services. If you are acquiring a franchise, you don’t need to stress about this point because the brand itself will decide everything. But if it is an individual model, you need to charge the right price for the correct type of services as it should not be too low or too high than your competitors.

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