How to Get Local Clients To Your Salon?

The ability to attract new salon clients will determine your success as a salon owner. It would be best if you had clients irrespective of how talented you or your staff is at the craft. The more clients you have, the more you can make of your team and rental expenses. The more clients you attract, the more you can increase the prices for the services. Above all, the more clients you have, the more profit you make.

Exhibit At A Beauty Show 

You might have heard about some beauty shows or even attended these events. Setting up an exhibit at the front is one of the best ways to increase your saloon’s brand awareness and get your name out there to new customers. The beauty shows are one of the best ways to demonstrate your talents in an environment where everyone attending will be interested in knowing more about your profession. When you click several pictures and videos at the event, you can upload the same on your social media handle or website. It will do wonders for positioning you as one of the industry leaders in the locality.

Start Your Own YouTube Channel.

Even though people are busy with social media, you shouldn’t forget that YouTube is still a goldmine. It can take time to create video content, but YouTube is worth the wild. After all, YouTube reaches around 2 billion users every day. You need to try posting videos about your hairstylists working on different hairstyles or even take a step further and take a tutorial step by step suit which is the target audience. You don’t need to stress about your video skills as people often appreciate when a video looks authentic, then content that is over-edited with several effects added.

Posters in Prominent Places

Even though it might seem like an ageing practice, print media is still one of the effective ways of getting your name out there. The challenging part is knowing where they will be locked and read instead of ignoring it. It would be best if you thought of your business with similar clients to you, like fitness centres, Dancing Academy, gymnasiums. You can also strike a deal with a local nail salon if you run a hair salon, as co-marketing is one of the best ways to attract new clients. It is a win-win deal for both the businesses involved in the industry.

Sponsor a Charity Event

One of the best rewarding moves you can make a salon is to find a way to give back to society, and it’s going to help those in need and make your salon stand out to potential customers. There are several ways to give back, and you have to find the one you are comfortable with. Every community is unique, so you might want to ask around to see where you might be able to help the most.

Create An Insta Friendly Space In Your Salon

Having people share pictures from your salon is one of the best forms of social proof you can get. You can set up a space in your salon for people to snap selfies after the service can invest in a ring light to ensure that client’s field picture-perfect when clicking their new haircut or any other service. Then, you need to offer clients or share their service or discount the next service and ensure your salon has a check-in point for Facebook and Instagram.

When people share, ask them to mention your Instagram handle and use any hashtag you have created for your salon and check into the location. When you install a selfie station point, you can generate free word of mouth marketing.