Tips for Finding Good Quality Massage Tables and Spa Furniture

The beauty and wellness business is rapidly expanding. The spa and salon industry has shown encouraging annual growth in recent years. People are drawn to wellness and are willing to spend money on their health and well-being. A good massage not only relaxes the mind and promotes blood flow to the peripheral tissues, but it also helps painful muscles.

Whether you want to buy a massage table for personal use, want to open a day spa, or want to offer spa services at your hotel or resort, it’s time to think about investing in some quality spa furniture. Some of you are looking for a high-quality massage table. Others are on the lookout for the ideal design or brand. Almost everyone wants reasonably priced furnishings.

How Do You Pick the Right Massage Table for Your Salon Business?

  1. Thai MassageĀ 

Treatment therapists specializing in this style of massage prefer to work on a mat rather than a table. Even so, if you’re looking for a massage table that’s suitable for Thai massage, be sure it has one of the highest working weights available.

  1. Massage with Reflexology

Massage tables of average size (in terms of length and width) can be utilized for reflexology on various consumers. If you perform reflexology massage, you may find that you don’t need to purchase such a device because it would have to have a heavy operating weight.

  1. Massage for athletes

If you specialize in sports massage, go for the best working weight you can afford. Athletes and professional sports players are widely acknowledged to be anything but slender and short. As a result, you may be better off buying a product that is both long and wide, as well as having a lot of working weight.

  1. Shiatsu Message

If you specialize in Shiatsu massage, the operating weight of the portable massage table is significant. To ensure that you massage as much of the client’s body as possible, you may need to put some of your weight on one of the table’s sides. As a result, the unit will have to sustain the client’s weight and a portion of your own.

  1. Massage with essential oils

If you practice aromatherapy massage, high-density and small cell foam massage tables are viable options. Because the customer must be incredibly comfortable when resting on it, read several reviews to see if the product you’re purchasing is appropriately padded and feels excellent.

  1. Massage of the Deep Tissue

Average-sized massage tables are enough for deep tissue massage, but because you will be applying a lot of pressure, they must have adequate weight capacities.

  1. ReikiĀ 

Because it may take some time to harness the energy, Reiki therapy sessions are lengthier. As a result, you may find yourself standing for an extended period, and if you become fatigued, you may want to sit down to be closer to the client you are treating. It’s also a good idea to put your knees on the massage table.

A Reiki massage table is not the same as a regular massage table. There are panels on which practitioners can rest their knees. A standard unit would not have the same panels. They also feature a lot of adjustability choices, something you won’t find on a regular massage table.


We hope that our in-depth guide has clarified some of the essential elements of the most exemplary portable massage table for you. Make sure that your requirements and expectations are always matched to the qualities of every unit you look at during your study.