Tips to Choose the Best Barber Chair

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Best Barber Chair, Tips to Choose the Best Barber Chair, Marc Salon FurnitureSalon is a haven for tired and weary people in need of grooming and hair care services. So the barber chair holds a very special space when it comes to overall comfort of both the client and the service provider. A poorly designed but fancy looking barber chair can ruin the entire tone of the place. This is why those in the beauty business can always go back to the real life anecdote of the legendary hairdresser John Barber’s life. John Barber loved napping and resting in the barber chair of his father’s salon. It was this experience that inspired him to conceptualize and design barber chairs for a comfortable and relaxing experience. Over the period of time, the bespoke John Barber chair became a symbol of indulgence and comfort in the beauty and grooming industry globally.

So, now that you know that a salon chair is just not a servicing accessory but is the most pivotal component of any salon or spa. If you are planning to invest in a new barber chair in the likes of John Barber chair, here are some critical tips that you must go by.

  1. Ascertain the comfort offered by the chair: This is the most central criteria to be considered before investing in any barber chair. The kind of salon services you offer and the requirements of your clientele further reinforce the comfort element. Whether it is any hair service, eye-brow shaping or head massage, make sure there is ample of lumbar support. Each time your client sits on the chair, he must feel relaxed and reassured of the pampering he is going to receive. Apart from that, you as a servicing personal should feel at home while working around the chair. The chair should offer great mobility, height adjustment flexibility and small fittings here and there for supporting the day to day work. The best way is to sit on the selected chair and experience the comfort level.
  2. Material and durability of the barber chair: Many a times, one gets bowled away by the design and comfort of the chair. This can be a root cause for the next level damage. You must ensure that the basic structure is made out of either cast aluminium or chrome for superb durability. Though leather and soft fabric covering might look appealing but in the long term, firm seats are most durable and stand the test of time.  The market is teeming with options for barber chairs and therefore, you must do a in-depth market analysis before investing in one.
  3. Functionality offered by the chair: Some of the best sought functional features of barber chairs have capabilities for reclining, height adjustment, 360 degree movement, flexible and removable headrest and footrest. Resilience to bear higher weights is also a feature that one can never neglect. These functionalities cannot be compromised for looks and brand name.
  4. Budget friendly: Barber chairs come in different budget ranges. It is very important to be realistic. Rather than investing in a high-end barber chair with specific functionalities, it’s very important to understand what your business needs and invest accordingly.
  5. Customer Service and Warranty offered by the brand: Company warranty is a huge indicator of the quality of the product. Minimum one year warranty is a must for such expensive barber chairs. Apart from this, please ascertain that there is a dedicated customer service team to support you at all times.

Apart from these, you must also look at aesthetics when it comes to barber chairs. It should go with the overall interior of your salon.

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